The Virtual World!

Sonal Sorte
3 min readNov 22, 2020



I am back with a very common topic today!… Yes! “The Virtual World” we all know it, and to our surprise we are living in it.

The name of today’s blog may have given you a thought of this being related to some game or its review kind of, but nope, it’s about what we are falling prey to. We are losing the originality and this virtualization seems more cooler to us.

Now, some of you still have unclear thoughts about the virtualization I am talking about. Ok! Let me help you with understanding what it is, how we are falling prey to it and how we can lower it’s influence in our lives.

The Virtual means ‘not physically existing’, but you can’t term it as imaginary too, since it exists in a nonphysical way, Virtual hugs — the one discovered in this pandemic, virtual games — very famous and gives us a fascinating experience, etc. So, what’s virtual around us then?

If you take a close look around you, you’ll see we have so many things, experiences, currencies, relations, etc. I’ll give examples for few…

Virtual things — are games, we as kids have played so many interesting indoor and outdoor games but the recent generation are so tech savvy that they want everything in just one place, they love to play an outdoor sport like tennis in their living rooms. And this is possible by tennis VR games which are easily available in markets. Not just tennis, but there are so many other games that are played around the world virtually are, baseball, basketball, football, golf, boxing and you won’t believe even climbing.

Virtual Experiences — like partying, schooling, learning, tour of a zoo or an aquarium, etc. We can party virtually and play games in this virtual party too. On hunting, you’ll get a list of games played in virtual party like, Bingo (one of my favorites to play at house parties), Name-Place-Animal-Thing, Pictionary, Charades etc. Schooling or learning your hobby online is one introduced in this pandemic, where you can’t bunk lectures and attendance is near to cent percent. Coming back to tours, you can give your lil’ one a surprise by sitting in your living and giving him a tour of his/her favorite zoo or an aquarium. And to go beyond the limits you will find virtual camping too, isn’t this hilarious?

Virtual currencies — Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. also known as digital currencies or cryptocurrencies, they exists online. You can create, distribute, trade and store them in a digital format.

Virtual relations, this experience you get from online friends, dates, engagements, etc. Online friends is still ok, but engagements to be done on skype, was buffoonery.

Well, well, well, this is our creations and we find all this more fascinating and cooler to do in comparison to the originals. We like playing games, partying, meeting friends, trading, taking up new hobby everything without any physical experience. When asked to talk to a group of strangers, many of us find it difficult because of being reticent. We like talking to friend on video calls but if asked to stop by their place and spend sometime together, we give an excuse of time constraint. We hardly visit parks, zoos, aquariums, planetariums, etc. with our kids and hence we aren’t able to give them the real world experience of fun.

At the moment, what’s that we can do to lower the influence of virtuality in our lives? We need to take out time and invest in real time experiences, we need to practice it in front of our kids so that they can learn them and implement the same in their lives and then pass it to upcoming generations. Let the happiness, sharing, love, peace and all positive emotions be ancestral tradition and indigenous. Let’s be more human by more interactions, by more of understanding, by more of healing others and by more of WE and not ME. Let’s drop at friend’s place to check on them, let’s get out though its quiet sunny there, let’s drop on the dance floor or pick up a note while learning music. Let’s visit a sanctuary for the real feel of animals and their habitat or dive in sea to swim along with fishes. Let’s take a walk out in the nature and feel its presence everywhere.

Let’s make the real world exist by actions and not by just stories.



Sonal Sorte

Software Quality Analyst (QA)