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3 min readSep 30, 2020



Hey all, I am back with a new topic…

No no…Lemme correct it…we cannot say it as a topic because it’s more than we can even imagine.

Yesss!! The word MOM is not just a word…It’s a ‘World’.

As a kid I always tried my best to make my MOM smile, as her smile used to give me some sort of energy which no energy drink could give..mark my words not even the Red Bull 😉. I felt secure whenever she wrapped her arms around me. I felt blessed when she caressed my forehead. It was bliss when she cooked my favourite food surprisingly. Ahhh! Those childhood days!! Love them and miss them together.

As you know me…I was just like a normal next door kid who at times got scolding and a couple of times, I guess beaten up too, for either misbehaving or being deranged. Well she was just shaping me for my better future. I know you to got in flashback of the same. It’s ok! We all have sailed in the same boat 😁.

So, coming back to our topic a teen I never understood her logic but as I grew older, I started understanding her and tried to make her feel special as now it was on me🥰

By sipping hot coffee or tea together in evenings, we became friends and our friendship grew as days passed. We started bonding more by going out on dinners, for movies, for shopping, etc.

Our friendship was burgeoning well when out of the blue I had to get married and move away from her nest and build one for myself 🙄…

And the day rose, when with gratification I announced the glad tidings of my pregnancy to her, I could see an angelic sparkle in her eyes. That day I was able connect with her more. Throughout my child bearing, I got the sight of her first pregnancy. And the day I was blessed with a girl child by God’s grace..I saw a mother’s rebirth in my MOM.

And then I came to know that being a MOM is just fantabulous.

That day and Today, and I’ll always be, grateful that my daughter is blessed with an awesome Godmother i.e. her grandmother and my loving MOM.

So I feel now it’s our choice to make our MOM happy or sad, we are lucky enough if we still can dial her number and hear her melodious voice, if we can jump on video call with her at anytime of the day or we can taste the best food in the world which is made by her with unconditional love or if we can lie down in her lap or get hugs from her. Be with her as she need you, love her as she expects the only thing, respect her as she deserves more than we can give…and before she goes out of your coverage area, get yourself embraced for lifetime now.

To all MOMs out there…Hats off! For all the hard work you do and super powers you have while bringing up a child. And to all upcoming Moms i.e. moms-to-be, all the very best and you will surely be the best MOM your kid can ever believe.

Love y’all.❣️



Sonal Sorte

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