I wish…I could…

Sonal Sorte
1 min readNov 28, 2020


I wish…I could tell you what you were to me

Before you refrained yourself

I wish…I could proclaim my eternal love for you

Before you obscured yours

I wish…I could hold your hand

Before you jerked off mine to let go

I wish…I could walk few miles with you

Before you walked away to never return

I wish…I could show you my safest place is in your arms

Before you made it unsafe

I wish…I could enrapture our friendship

Before you repelled it off

I wish…I could cope with those petty fights

Before you reputed them as grave mistakes

I wish…I could be your, the only propellent of joy

Before you replaced me

I wish…I could make you wait a little longer

Before you departed a bit early

I wish…I could ask you to catch my last tear drop

Before you dropped it impassively

I wish…I could make things work between us

Before you gave upon them so easily

I wish…I could ask you to stay till my last breath

Before you left, for our relationship to perish….



Sonal Sorte

Software Quality Analyst (QA)