Sonal Sorte

I have seen you grow…

into a giant sequoia,

from a tiny sapling

I have seen you move…

into a flawless world,

from an erroneous one

I have seen you walk…

into a bright day,

from an insomniac night

I have seen you struggle…

into existence of self,

from a subsistence of relation

I have seen you follow…

into a passionate dream,

from apathetic living

I have seen you love…

into an affectionate way,

from a cold approach

I have seen you travel…

into a new ME,

from an old YOU



Such A Bliss..

It’s such a bliss, to wake up next to you..

It’s such a bliss, to see your smile first in the morning..

It’s such a bliss, to feel your arms wrapped around me..

It’s such a bliss, to caress you with warm oil..

It’s such a bliss…